Discover God

Jesus commanded us to “go and make disciples”. At this time in history, by connecting in-person and online, we can reach further than ever before.

How do we multiply disciples?

​Just like Jesus did. He INVESTED deeply in a few people and EQUIPPED them to multiply more disciples.

With this desire to multiply, missionaries shared that they struggled to find a material that met all their needs.

Discipleship material needed to:​

  • Cover the basics of the gospel in 4 sessions or less. This helps people who are interested in learning more about the Bible but are unwilling to commit to a 6-10 week study. People in Europe rarely commit to a 6-10 week study.
  • Be digital. This helps the material to be easily shared on phones, tablets, computers or in print. This is especially important to reach people who move, are located around the globe, or are in lockdown.
  • Be free. This helps multiplication by removing the hindrance of money.
  • Equip people to study the Bible. This helps people to not always be dependent on new material to grow in their understanding of the Bible.
  • Provide some guidance beyond questions. This helps ensure that God’s truth is properly understood.
  • Be written in very simple English. This helps those who speak English as a second language.
  • Be easily translated into different languages. This helps missionaries and believers worldwide to quickly use the material.
  • Equip people to multiply. This allows every disciple to be a disciple maker.

​This material is a humble attempt to meet more of these needs.

We pray that this Bible study tool will enable new forms of ministry and will help you make disciples who make disciples.