99 Adventures in the Bible’s Big Story

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Have you ever wondered why children are so confused about the meaning of the Bible? Perhaps it is because they have never learned how to connect the stories of the Bible into one simple big picture.  99 Adventures in the Bible’s Big Story will help children understand the Bible’s big story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation. 99 Adventures in the Bible’s Big Story was designed to help children and adults understand how Bible stories from Old and New Testaments all link together. These lessons can be used as a curriculum in a church, home, or school.

Various methods of evangelism have been presented and used over the years.  If the Bible’s redemptive story is taught chronologically, it will enable unbelievers and believers to understand the  completed picture, the metanarrative of the Bible.  There certainly is room for other types of gospel presentations. If the  goal of sharing Christ with unbelievers is for them to cling to the gospel, then chronological Bible teaching as a method of evangelism should be pursued.  Unbelievers will understand who the God of the Bible is and what He did when they see whole picture painted for them.  That is what Jesus did for the two men on the road to Emmaus.  He explained to them the things about Himself from the Law and the prophets, all the known Scriptures at that time.  May God bless your chronological Bible teaching as you expose the great truth of  redemption.